December 26, 2005

weird referal

A blog staple is to occasionally show strange search strings that people used to find their blog, such as "pissing" or "podding hutches". But I think that is is going to be hard to beat this one I just had:
advacates of sex with children
The post that this pointed to was actually on the dangers of Islam, such as being kill or at least driven from your neighborhood for losing your faith because of having second thoughts about a barbaric medieval theology. It had nothing to do with sex, and I did not eve mention that the Prophet married a 10 year old girl. I said then
This [Islam]* is a religion that publicly executes people, amputates limbs, promotes the mutilation [of] children so they can never fully enjoy sex [when they grow up]
And it was that last phrase that the search engine picked up.

*the stuff in square brackets is edits now to make it readable. I started this blog to help improve my written english, amongst other things, and as you can tell it still needs work.


Blogger Devil's Kitchen said...

What I find really shocking is the mis-spelling of "advocates"...


6:24 pm  
Blogger MatGB said...

I regularly get misspelled referals; I talked about 'politcal correctness' in one post, I've had 3 referrals because of it. Spelt correctly, I'm on about page 6, the misspelling put me at page one.

Google is funny. Chris, try googling for Kents Tavern; I got a hit from that one...

2:04 am  

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